Workshops & Public Speaking

The Gift of Gab 

Child Talking with a Goat Through a Fence
Ever wonder why some people can talk to anyone? 

It’s because they are genuinely curious. About things, about people, and about how human beings interact with each other and the world around them. As a workshop facilitator and public speaker, I draw upon both my professional expertise and my genuine interest in having something to say that’s worth hearing. My informal approach puts learners at ease, and being prepared and present to the conversation gives me a comfort level that is both engaging and compelling.


Walnut with Heart-Shaped Meat Inside

Get to the Heart of the Matter Without the Shell Game: 

  • Workshops – Quick-focus, Half-day, and full-day workshops developed and facilitated, supported with engaging scenario-based team games to encourage collaboration and strengthen takeaways
  • Public Speaking – Concise, relevant, and potent topics, compellingly presented to spark lively discussion

Choose from the topics below, or request a custom topic developed specifically for your needs.

Let me add uniquely inspired value to your next workshop, conference, or association gathering.


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Learning & Development Topics
*The Power of Presence
*The Art of Listening in Learning
*The Value of Radical Elegance in a Quick & Dirty World
*Learner Engagement: The Simple Genius of Storytelling
*Why the “Eyes” Have It: Visual E-Learning 

Work/Life Balance Topics
*Crazy Busy: Is There a Method in the Madness?
*Connecting the Dots: Why Your Thoughts Matter
*Embracing the Messiness of Change: Finding Joy in Creative Destruction
*Re-Claiming Optimism: What If Things Are Actually Going to Be OK? 
*Panic or Passion…Which Do You Choose?

Web Site Swirl