Work/Life Coaching

Looking for new zest in life?

Child Sniffing Sunflower With Her Whole Face
As a training professional, I see many people struggling with work/life balance—individuals who:

  • Remember feeling energized by work and family but have hit a rough patch in the road.
  • Want deeper and more personal meaning in their work and in their lives.
  • Wonder where the “zest” went…that spark of passion that imparts flavor and energy to life.

Sound familiar? In times of stress, it’s easy to focus on what’s missing rather than on what we have and can build upon. If you’re ready to find greater joy, fulfillment, and purpose in your life, I can collaborate with you as a coaching partner and sounding board.
Budding Plant in a Nut Shell

I provide tools that help you come out of your shell:

  1. Identify what’s working in your life…and what’s not.
  2. Clarify what matters…and why.
  3. Inspire new possibilities.
  4. Launch new opportunities.
  5. Discover new resources of support.
  6. Stay focused, motivated, and accountable…fine-tuning as you go along.
  7. Grow in capability and authenticity…today!

I integrate guided learning experiences, deep listening, and inspirational collaboration to ignite your passion, honoring both your possibilities and your realities. I’d be honored to set up a 1-hour phone consult to explore what you need from a coaching relationship and how I can help.

The zest awaits you!

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