Training Development

Is it really Rocket Science?
Training Development Takes Off

People only learn what captures their attention. So how do you develop online and instructor-led training to get the right content presented right…without going over-budget? By building your training as a fusion of both science and art.

The science: It takes expertise to know the right tools for the job (knowing what’s possible)…and discipline to avoid the overkill that leads to bloated development costs (knowing what’s excessive).

The art: It takes creativity to know how to use visual, auditory, and experiential tools to keep learners engaged during the learning process.

Nuts Perfectly Balanced

Here’s how I help you balance the art and the science without cracking up:

  1. Match the tool to the job – from routine to complex…don’t need a bazooka to swat a fly
  2. Build efficiently – instructionally sound and within budget …keep it short and sweet
  3. Support the learner – provide diverse learning methods and job aids …nothing worse than stranding a learner on the tarmac after the flight


Right product. Right result. Right price. That’s rocket fuel for your business.

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Instructor-Led Course Development
Instructor/Participant Guide Preparation
Class/Workshop Facilitation
Job Aids & Quick Reference Guides
E-Learning Courseware Development
Adobe Creative Suite (Presenter, Captivate, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.)
HTML and JavaScript
SCORM, LMS, Section 508 Accessibility
Product Development (Workbooks, CDs, books)

Web Site Swirl