Learning Project Management

Projects Getting Hairy?

Let Me Tame Your Hairy Projects

Finding the “sweet spot” in a training project—the perfect balance between quality, cost, and schedule—can be stressful. Projects are complex beasts that are subject to the winds of change, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

Keeping your arms around the project requires technical and business people who can work together as a team and leverage their strengths for the good of the whole. It follows, then, that a key task for the project manager is the care and feeding of these relationships.

From Soup To NutsI help you navigate this terrain from soup to nuts:

  • Preparing – Using well-known project and instructional methods ensures a great project…and a great product.
  • Planning – Building relationships early on with key experts and leaders pays off when the going gets tough.
  • Empowering– Coaching enables diverse groups to become cohesive allies, helping teams to help themselves.
  • Managing – Managing scope, schedule, budget, risk, and roadblocks is easier when teams work together.
  • Thriving – Coaching teams and nurturing alliances fosters a culture of true partnership that boosts success.

Ready to find the “sweet spot” in your projects?

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Scope, Plan, Budget, & Schedule Management
Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Cross-functional Team Collaboration & Performance Management
Sponsor & Stakeholder Alliance Development
Steady Communication Flow
Coaching & Mentoring
Process Improvement
Successful Business Outcomes
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