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Creative Instructional Design

It is a rare thing for training design to transcend mechanics and reveal the essence:

Learning is about embracing change.

At its best, learning is effortless, launched on the wings of curiosity and powered by an internal drive to know, to do, to be. All too often, though, learning is driven not by curiosity but by necessity. Pressure and confusion cloud our ability to envision learning as engaging and relevant, and instead it becomes boring and pointless. That’s when it helps to have a partner.

Open Nutshell with a Zipper

I collaborate with you to design soup-to-nuts training that:

  • Is worth your time and money.
  • Inspires learners to succeed, empowering them rather than driving them.
  • Gets them and you to where you all want to go together.
  • Doesn’t drive you nuts!

I help you to look through the learner’s eyes to:

  1. Clarify – the who, what, when, where, & how…the art of balancing needs, scope, schedule, and budget
  2. Frame define where they’re going, how they’re getting there, and how they know they’ve arrived at the right place…a map of Paris won’t help if they’re in New York
  3. Engage – inspire learners to participate in their own learning …their contributions matter.
  4. Listen, listen, listen! …Let what you hear guide you to smarter action.


Show your teams that embracing change is a journey, and that it’s a trip worth taking.

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